Pregnancy & Postpartum Support

Statistically, 20% of mothers will suffer from depression or anxiety while pregnant, and approximately 15% of them will develop postpartum depression or anxiety.

Becoming a parent is a sweet, wondrous journey, but it can also be a challenging time.  Many women struggle with infertility, pregnancy loss, and birth trauma. Others can develop a perinatal mood disorder during pregnancy or postpartum. Even mothers and their partners without these struggles face challenges of sleep deprivation, changing identities and roles, insecurities, parenting concerns, and partner relationship stress.

I can help. I am passionate about supporting mothers and their partners on their unique journey, from pregnancy planning through postpartum adjustment to early parenting. In individual or couples therapy, you can process the myriad of feelings that occur on your journey to parenthood. Whether you are trying to get pregnant, have experienced pregnancy loss, are a new or experienced parent, I can teach you tools to better handle your grief, guilt, stress, sadness, anxiety and anger. By identifying and nurturing your own needs, you can embrace your identity as a parent while finding life balance.

Along with doing individual and couples counseling, I facilitate “Pathways: A Support Group for Postpartum Moms” in conjunction with Marin Health Hospital. For more information about this group and how to register, click here. To listen to a podcast I did for Marin Health about the group and perinatal mood disorders, click here. Additionally for Marin Health, I am a regular presenter in their classes for expecting parents on the subject of perinatal mental health and keeping relationships healthy when moving from partner-hood to parenthood.

I am a Gottman “Bringing Baby Home” educator who offers relationship-strengthening workshops for new and expecting parents and am certified by Postpartum Support International in the Assessment and Treatment of Perinatal Mood Disorders.

As a woman who has struggled with postpartum depression following the birth of both my children, I cannot say enough about the guidance and support that Gina has given me following the birth of my second cild. She is truly a professional and someone who has helped me part the clouds during a very tumultuous time in my life. Her guidance has been invaluable.
Marin mother of two