Couples Therapy

If you are having trouble maintaining satisfaction in your relationship, you are not alone.

It is normal to experience crisis times and periods of major adjustment during the lifetime of your relationship. Conflict in relationships is common; it’s how you handle the conflict that matters.  If you put time and attention into your relationship, repetitive patterns of relating can shift, communication can improve and chemistry can be renewed.

My approach to couples counseling is guided by the work of Dr. John Gottman, attachment theory and family systems.  In couples therapy with me, you will learn how to communicate more effectively, express needs and feelings clearly, be respectful of each other, and work through resentments and contempt.  We will also look at reactions to your partner and how what you carry from past relationships may impact the experience of your current relationship.

Along with providing couples therapy, I am a certified Gottman educator in the “Bringing Baby Home” Program. The workshops I lead from this program help new and expecting parents maintain a healthy relationship through the transition from couplehood to parenthood.