Is your repetitive behavior or use of substances causing negative consequences in your life?  If so, you could be struggling with abuse or addiction.

Addiction involves a compulsive behavior, a feeling of lost control and an inability to stop the behavior despite negative consequences.  This compulsion can come in the form of drug or alcohol use, computer gaming, sex addiction, gambling, or even a shopping addiction.  In all these cases, compulsive  behaviors can cause a change in brain chemistry, emotions and behaviors.

Therapeutic intervention is necessary to break the cycle. If you are struggling with problematic use, we can do harm reduction to decrease negative behaviors.  In the case of addiction, my goal will be to guide you through the stages of recovery:  abstinence, stability, uncovering issues and sustainability. In therapy with me, you will learn how to avoid triggers, change habits, address the core issues underlying the addiction, and prevent relapse.


Gina has been a Godsend in my life. Before starting therapy with her, my life was a wreck, having lost everything and everyone. Gina has helped me maintain my sobriety by being supportive and respectful of my issues. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the dependability, compassion and wisdom Gina has provided.
a Marin client